Diamond Quillow Floral kit? Is it a Quilt or a pillow


Quilt, pillow or both?

It’s a quillow

You know the meaning of a quilt; you know the common pillow. So what is a quillow? A quillow is simply both a pillow and a quilt combined into one. In other words, it is a pillow that unfolds into a blanket.

Because it is compact, serves a dual purpose, and is easy to carry, the quillow is perfect for the family room or the car. It is also a great birthday or Christmas gift for family or friends.

Each pillow top is made with a special pattern:

The blanket on the inside consists of two fabrics that match the color scheme of the pillow cover. A layer of batting knotted between those two layers makes the blanket cozy and plush.

You will discover the pillow case on the unfolded blanket is a perfect pocket for cold feet!



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Use me as a pillow

unless you get cold

then pull out my stuffing

and gently unfold

I'm a lapquilt now

with space for your feet

and when you'r all done

fold me back nice and need

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