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Learn how to make a Seven Squares Table Runner to create a table setting to suit your personality. Table runners are fast and easy to sew for all levels of sewers.

A table runner is a long strip of fabric that “runs” down the center of the table. Instead of covering the whole table like a table cloth, it decorates a table by providing an eye-catching pop of color down the middle. They can be used alone on the table or in conjunction with a tablecloth. Traditionally, table runners hang over the ends of the table but you can make one that is shorter if you wish. It may depend on the length of the table and the amount of fabric that you have. Longer table runners may need several seams.

Follow our course and learn the skills you need to make your very own Seven Squares Table Runner, available with or without a kit.

This course does not include the kit. You can use your own material or buy one of the courses including the kits here.

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